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Audio Markets

Hawkshead Designs covers domestic audio, including A/V, at all market levels ranging from mass-market budget through to high end audiophile.

We design high powered amplification and quality mixing desks for the professional markets: have a look at our Consumer Audio case study.

We review In Car Entertainment systems and design very high quality car amplifiers, with their associated advanced power supplies.



Our audio design is also found in trains, planes and automobiles. Often these are complete product and/or system designs which are subject to rigorous testing and acceptability criteria. Some of these applications include noise cancelling.


Hawkshead has also designed specialist security systems whose primary signal lies in the audio band at microvolt levels. These systems are deployed in harsh industrial and field environments, which are prone to massive disturbances from power lines, lightning and other radio interference. Operation must be utterly reliable on a 24/7 basis and deliver what amounts to high fidelity, in spite of the challenges.


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Hearing Criteria

There is a PDF link below which takes you through some of the criteria required by humans to perceive a good outcome from audio equipment. The Kinshaw Pages, including the ethos of Kinshaw, will give a further insight into the premises on which audio designs are done.

Audio Design

Quality audio design requires thorough understanding, a great deal of prediction and calculation coupled with the ability to measure the results.

Audio design uses of all the resources employed in regular electronics: simulation, schematic and PCB design. For certain applications FPGA expertise is used for signal management, conversion and Digital Signal Processor (DSP) duties. Computer Aided Design (CAD) aids the mechanical design. However, in the world of audio, much is left to the capabilities, art and experience of the designer.

The End User

The final arbiter of a design is a mixture of the human ear and substantial measurement capability. Here we have bundles of listening experience and an Audio Precision SYS 2722 measurement system. The audio test facilities offered by the Audio Precision are still considered to be the best in the world.

Need to know more?

Most of our designs using audio-like signals are not in the public domain. Our only clients who return are those who want more design work. The mysterious one-offs are commissioned, installed and operating, silent only in the sense that they are not causing any problems.


Download PDF (1,065 kB): Sound reproduction, Human hearing & Drivers of design.

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