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How do you make your quote so competitive?

Other contenders often quote for the no-brain solution, whereas Hawkshead recognises that effective design requires more thought input. This results in lower quotes through a reduction in contingency costs and a minimised product Bill Of Materials, without loss of quality.

How can I be sure that this design will be reliable?

In a word, the answer is experience. The team at Hawkshead has created many products over the years. Time has shown that these require much lower than average levels of repair. Reliability and durability are not completely abstract parameters, which means that they can be considered as part of the design. Component tolerance and specification forms part of this process.

What happens if a component is discontinued?

What's this all about?With the global scale of electronics, there is no absolute guarantee that a component will remain current. There are certain selection criteria that help to establish the likelihood of availability. Equally, a company like Hawkshead will receive update information from major manufacturers.

In the event of a discontinued part, it is helpful to contact the original design facility early. Many component sales staff are advised not to comment on potential substitutions, since there may be other implications. Manufacturers generally do not discontinue parts that sell in quantity and often there is a revised part with a new device number.

It is unfortunately true that a device can be deleted, with no immediate alternative. Under these circumstances some form of design revision is inevitable BUT this can be turned to opportunity. If sufficient time has elapsed that a part is no longer available, it is more than likely that other advances have been made. These can be included in the new generation of your product.

How long can you support the design?

This is an almost impossible question with an answer that is measured in years. Where feasible, project information is kept on file such that a project can be supported at a later date. As time progresses, the level of support may be diminished. Over the years we have been pleasantly surprised at the retrospective capability of some of the software we use. Ultimately all we can say is that any client that has asked has been well received and very complimentary about our initial and retrospective achievements.


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