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NEW Hawkshead Designs' Blog Compendium:

Download PDF (393 kB): Hawkshead Designs' Blog Compendium.


Hawkshead's Electronic Design Process overview documents:

Download PDF (217 kB): Hawkshead's Electronic Design Process Overview - Part 1.

Download PDF (589 kB): Hawkshead's Electronic Design Process Overview - Part 2.


Kinshaw High End Audio documents:

Download PDF (1,534 kB): White Paper 2005 Phono Stage - Hawkshead Overview.

Download PDF (235 kB): Kinshaw Perception Phono Stage Input Settings (Cartridge matching & MM/MC).


 Designing sound reproduction for humans:

Download PDF (1,065 kB): Sound reproduction, Human hearing & Drivers of design.


Hawkshead Designs' NDA:

Download PDF (21 kB): Hawkshead Designs Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA).

If you would like to arrange a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA), please download the form above, complete it (this can be done within the PDF), print and sign and return it to us, either by post or by email.


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