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For your reassurance and commercial security we provide:

Non Disclosure Agreement Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to protect your idea
Calculator Fixed Price Quotations - you have control of your costs
spanner for technical support 12 Months Technical Post Contract Support - you're not alone
What? Full transfer of Intellectual Property Rights on all designs









It is often difficult to compare design offerings. Many companies offer the ability to create a function based on some specification. However, there is a vast difference between a purely functional board and a robust, reliable, long term economic project.

Your requirements probably include the (unstated) need for:

  • You to have control of the overall project
    • Starts with your protection (NDA if required)
  • Ownership of the product at the end
    • Full transfer of IPR
    • Detailed manufacture data & copies of relevant files
  • Control of costs – design & manufacture
    • Fixed price quotations – design
    • Support as it moves to manufacture
  • Reliable operation for the user/installation
    • See below
  • Economic life cycle
    • Include the right design team/skills early in the project
    • Consider overall costs as well as "day 1" costs

It is sometimes assumed that reliability or robustness is either a promise at the point of sale or an aspiration requiring the skills of a fortune teller. The reality is that it should be neither. It is based on product experience and the diligence of parts selection using a balance between worst case operation, cost and anticipated life time. The design process should also identify the primary failure modes and introduce their protection as part of the unwritten but necessary remit.

The 12 month support process runs beyond the formal project. It is there to pick up any questions that might arise from manufacture, your sales team or just your peace of mind.



Download PDF (81 kB): Hawkshead Designs Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA).

If you would like to arrange a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA), please download the form above, complete it (this can be done within the PDF), print and sign and return it to us, either by post or by email.


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